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cel at the mit media lab




Researchers: Bradford Lassey & Pattie MaesAmbient Intelligence Group



Researchers: Natalia Marmasse & Chris SchmandtSpeech Interface Group

TViews Table


Researchers: Ali Mazalek & Glorianna DavenportMedia Fabrics Group

Build Your Own Bag


Researchers: Gauri Nanda, Adrian Cable & V. Michael Bove, Jr.Object-Based Media Group

Media Helmet


Researchers: Jerimy Arnold & Ted SelkerContext-Aware Computing Group

Flow Blocks


Researchers: Oren Zuckerman & Mitchel ResnickLifelong Kindergarten

Objects With Gesture


Researchers: Hyun-Yul Lee & Glorianna DavenportMedia Fabrics

Cellular Squirrel


Researchers: Stefan Marti & Chris SchmandtSpeech Interfaces

Reducing Complexity In Consumer Electronic Interfaces


Researchers: Jose Espinosa & Henry LiebermanSoftware Agents Group