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BT Technology Journal, Vol. 22, No. 4, October 2004
This special "Media Lab" edition features 30 articles that provide a snapshot of Lab research in three key areas: organic networks, 10×, and emerging trends that cross traditional boundaries.

IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 35, Nos. 3 & 4, 1996 and IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 39, Nos. 3 & 4, 2000
These are also special "Media Lab" editions featuring Media Lab research.

Related Media Lab News

· The Human Touch, Cindy Kuzma, Science & Spirit

· Mind-Reading Computers Could Help Those With Autism, Jennifer LeClair, Tech News World

· Baby's First Petabyte, Sebastian Rupley, PC Magazine/ABC Online

· What signals are you sending (or are perceived) from your virtual identity?, David Berlind, ZDNet

· MIT helps security industry explore the privacy implications of RFID, Andy Williams, CR80 News Logo

· Can't cook? Employ the Intelligent Spoon, engadget

· Idea Of The Week Consumer's Guide, Leah Hoffman, Forbes.com

· Trying To Learn from Disasters, Sci-Tech Today

· The Evolution of IM, Kate Greene, Technology Review

· WSIS: net will enable interactivity with common objects Everybody's talking at me, John Blau, PC Advisor

· Emotion detectors, Catherine Elton, Boston Globe

· Hi Tech Wraps Senses Into Kitchens, Tracy Staedter, Discovery News

OLPC ($100 Laptop) News

· For Brazil's Poor, a Digital Deliverance?, Geri Smith, Business Week Online

· Poor Kids' Laptop Cranks Up, Red Herring

Lab Spinoff & Alumni News

· Fit to print, Australian IT

· Music Made Modern With Robotic Marvels, Grammy.com

· Power Play, Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe

· MySpace, Wikipedia Cope With Growing Pains, Mark Glaser, Mediashift, PBS Online

· Build-it-yourself cell phones, John Borland, CNET News.com

· Fantastic Fabricator, Anita Hamilton, Time Online Edition

· Long-distance house calls, Amanda Thomas, The Boston Globe

· Wearable Computing for the Commons, IEEE Spectrum Online

· Eyeglasses On the Cheap, Simson Garfinkel, Technology Review

· Breaking The Ice 2.0, Diane Lewis, The Boston Globe

· IT Works: Rural Health-Care Tech, Wired News, AP

· Holographs And The Birth of a New Industry, IT Analysis

· Switched On: Change In The Air For Thin Data, Peter Rojas, EndGadget

· Start-Up Builds Less Demanding Machines, Leslie Walker, Washington Post

Sponsor Innovations In The News

· Business Briefs: Zetera, Bell Micro, Marvell, and Seagate recently announced that one of the largest and highest-performance storage arrays in the world is under construction at the Media Lab at MIT, InfoStor.com

· BT steps up home broadband battle, BBC Online