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Media Helmet

Group: Context-Aware Computing Group
Researchers: Jerimy Arnold & Ted Selker
Project Web site: http://cac.media.mit.edu:8080/contextweb/project?name=Media_Helmet

Media Helmet is a bike helmet project which seeks to establish mediated information between the bicyclist and the surrounding world without distraction. As a hands-free interface, the helmet "listens" to the audio, imagery, and motion of the environment. Any past encounters with potholes, detours and the like are recalled by the helmet and audio reminders are given to the bicyclist as an obstacle nears. The bicyclist can nod to turn on turn blinkers, and use voice commands to activate a horn. The helmet can also make phone calls take dictation, play music and provide other desired information & data. The helmet is designed to intrude slightly with unusual external information; for example, it will tell you when a car is approaching.

Media Helmet